More than just “copy & paste” –  MEDENA pushes and creates

In our own development laboratory we continuously create and improve formulations to implement new trends and ideas. We examine permanently the use of new ingredients to develop formulations, which are state-of-the-art and can compete today and also tomorrow in various markets. MEDENA is able to develop formulations and samples in best time, which fulfil your demands and the demands of your clients and their products placement strategies.

MEDENA’s development services

—     Innovative proposals for the successful realisation of your product ideas
—     Development of the idea to the finished product
—     Fast implementation of standard-formulations
—     We offer standard formulations and their adaptation to your needs
—     Improvement of your existing formulations, e. g.  0% Paraben or 0% PEG…
—     Realisation of products according to your formulation
—     Development according to benchmarks
—     Develoment of spezifications
—     Development NATRUE-certified products
—     Adjustment of formulations according to new market and  legal requirements
—     To generate INCIs
—     Preparation of your complete EU-Cosmetik dossiers including PIF and CPNP registration