MEDENA’s core competence is the development, manufacturing and filling of liquid and semi-liquid cosmetics – we offer more than 50 years experience in the manufacturing of personal care and skin care products.

Our cosmetic know-how results in more than 6000 product developments in the fields of

Hair Care

Conditioners and Cures
Hair sprays and foams
Hair gels, waxes and oils
Natural Hair growth products

Oral Care

Mouth wash (Bi-Phase)
Tooth pastes
Mouth spray
Oral gel

Sun Care

Sun protection SPF 15-50+
Creames, sprays, lotions
Aftersun Care

Face Care

Eye gels and eye creams
Serums and boosters
Day- and night creams
24h Face creams
Lidsprays against puffy eyes and anti-black cicles
Facial peelings enzymatic and scrubs
Micellar waters
Cleaning-and wash gels
Cleanser and Toners
Eye Make-up remover (bi-phase)
40 formulations of 98% organic cosmetics
Natrue certified

Anti-Akne Treatment

Body Care

Bodylotion, -creams, -lotions, srcubs
Shower gels
Deo sprays, sticks and roll-ons
Slimming und shaping
Hair removal products

Feet Care

Feet sprays, foams and creams
Cackling gel for tired legs
Deo sprays





MEDENA develops and produces cosmetics for brand and companies all over the world. Our Cosmetics of certified Swiss Quality are highly demanded by well known  brands and companies. Our standing customers are very satisfied with our reliability and our flexibility hence MEDENA is exporting worldwide. In this regards we support our international customers in all aspects of the registration of their products worldwide.