MEDENA is besides the production of cosmetics also certified for the development, production and distribution of medical devices (class IIa).  Medical devices of MEDENA are sold in pharmacies, drug stores and wholesalers. Our customers benefit from our ready-to-use formulations and dossiers, which we offer also as own brand labeling for  the following products :

Eye lid spray in multidose packaging

—     2 Eye lid sprays steril (with out preservation)

For Women’s wellbeing – For the natural balance of the vaginal flora

—     Vaginal moisturzing gel with lactic acid
—     Vaginal gel with whey
—     Fertility gel

First aid for minor wounds, injuries and aches

—     Hemostatic spray
—     Plaster spray normal
—     Plaster spray non-irritant
—     Burn relief spray
—     Ice-/cooling sprays

MEDENA is your perfect partner, no matter if it is only for toll manufacturing or full Service for your own brands of your Company!